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Nothing is so important in contemporary life as well organised traffic flows. And it just so happens that this service provision is our core business: People’s Driving transports you in the most congenial way to the destination of your choice. People’s Driving has long been an established value in the transportation of passengers sector. Our perfectly equipped fleet of luxury cars and minivans offers something for everyone.

Our central location near Mechelen means that we have the perfect base of operations in the economic heart of Flanders. The driving behaviour, the etiquette and the discretion of our experienced chauffeurs can be further summed up in a single word: expertise. Moreover, you can contact us at any time of the day for questions or requests; our dispatchers are at your service 24/7. Don’t hesitate and go for the comfort of People’s Driving!


Transportation has never been this comfortable

Car and chauffeur

• National & International
• Luxury cars with all the comforts
• Professional drivers in tailor-made suits
• Clean vehicles that are in perfect technical condition
• Punctual and flexible
• 24/7

Airport transportation

• To and from national and international airports
• Will pick you up in the arrivals hall with your name/logo on a sign

Shuttle Service

• Coördinatie vervoer van parkeergelegenheid, hotel, luchthaven,… naar uw evenement en terug
• Eigen minivans (7,8 en 16plaatsen)
• Ter beschikking stellen van chauffeurs voor uw sponsorvoertuigen

James formula

• Coordination of transportation from car parks, hotels, airports, etc. to your event and back
• Own minivans (7, 8 or 16 seats)
• Providing chauffeurs for your sponsor vehicles

Courier Service

• Expedited service
• National & International

Coach Service

• 16 to 70 seats
• National & International
• Day trips, city trips, multi-day trips
• Passenger transportation, shuttle service

Truck Service


Artist Service

• Specialised subsidiary: A&B Limo
• Discrete approach
• Runner Service: organisation of purchases for production and catering
• Knowledge of Belgian and Dutch venues and festival sites

Our fleet

Meet our team

Professionals from departure to arrival

We know that punctual, flexible transportation is more necessary than ever before for our clients. That is why we are at your service 24/7. Furthermore, with People’s Driving, you are guaranteed a safe trip in any conditions: our chauffeurs are not only extremely proficient at driving, but they also consciously utilise a defensive driving style.

Our transportation services don’t stop at the borders and there room for everyone. Our employees will be happy to speak with you in several languages, too: Dutch, French or English. Moreover, they know their business because at People’s Driving, we consider etiquette and discretion of be of paramount importance.

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People's Driving
Berkelei 15
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver, België


 (+32) 15/638 638
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